Buyers checklist for High end resi

Luxury houses may be expensive to build, but many homeowners consider them well worth the cost. High End Luxury apartments are the current trend in the realty market. People like to invest in homes that are lavish, posh and spacious. Many of the developers are coming up with high end projects to meet these requirements.But, there are certain factors to be kept in mind before buying one.

  • Size is the basic in a luxury home even if the property is in one of the prime locations. Therefore, if you are looking for an apartment anywhere above 3,000 sq ft, be ready to spend anywhere between Rs 6 to 15 crore or even more.
  • Who doesn’t have a desire to wake up to an amazing view? There are different private undertakings in Chennai who guarantee their clients with good views.
  • In the event that the view is prime, a prime area with a view is like a cherry on the top! Every city has a couple of areas that are known to be the most upmarket addresses.
  • Circular driveway. Another easily recognizable hallmark of a luxury home is the circular driveway, which provides an attractive parking area and is much safer than backing out into the street.
  • The Property should be well connected to the major places such as schools, colleges, workplaces, hospitals, banks, airport etc. A well connected place can save you a lot of time in travelling and can make things easier.
  • It should provide luxurious amenities such as a State-of-the-art gymnasium, Exquisitely-designed ballroom, A well-decorated yoga studio, huge entertainment rooms with theater-style seating, designer kitchens, wine cellars, balconies with amazing views, indoor Pools and outdoor features such as tennis or basketball courts and beautifully landscaped gardens that give you the feel of staying in a private Bungalow inspite of being in an apartment.
  • Obviously, what’s extravagance without the conveniences? Concierge services 24×7, valet, private home theatre, lounge area, business centre, waste management system and External lawn on the club terrace .
  • The walk in wardrobe is an extension of the bedroom. A high priority for luxury homes is to provide owners a place to store and display high-end garments.A huge walk-in closet with proper lighting, mirrors and racks to display purses and shoes is a must-have.
  • Truly, yes! After all such luxury, security is vital. And keeping in mind – Video entryway telephones, electronic guest enlistment, and auto-acknowledgment of vehicles is necessary.
  • Exceptional designs and outstanding engineering are some of the factors that you look for when buying a luxury apartment.In major cities, owning a condo in a building designed by a renowned architect – or “starchitect” – can set a property apart from others as luxury.
  • The project should be built with high quality building materials such as RCC Frame structure, earthquake resistance, Italian Marble flooring etc.

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